sleeping big in smallville

A Telluride Story

By Jerry Vass

Some of this actually happened ...

Jerry VassIn the 1970s, Telluride Colorado is an extreme place populated by extreme people made crazier by each other, the last bastion of the old West where living is fun, sex is easy and death is nigh.

A remote village with a backdrop of snowy peaks is the stage. It’s inhabited by escapees from reality, the remoteness making for easy sex, cheap politicians, hippies, coke dealers and a sprinkling of criminals hiding out in the mountains where the law is “flexible”.

The Bubba Ram, a phony guru, barely survives lost gambles, wasted love and life and death clashes with civilization by rebels who pursue money and sex and watch the town metamorphose into a free-thinking haven for the super rich.


Sleeping Big Book CoverSLEEPING BIG IN SMALLVILLE, A Telluride Story
5.5"X8.5" - 330 pages, trade paperback

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